Crisis and Risk Assessments and Advisory

Businesses are used to planning for mitigating consequential risks – the sudden failure of a critical supplier, an unexpected bad debt, industrial labor dispute actions, or a discovery of a serious fault in production or process. However, disasters take many forms. As such, our techniques of risk management have been developed to mitigate the consequences for companies. Our risk consultants create strategies that aim to: prevent a crisis from occurring; identify people at risk; contain and reduce the negative effects of a crisis; and manage a crisis if deterrence doesn’t work.

Spearhead Consulting has extensive experience in crisis management and contingency planning, allowing us to maintain immediate response capabilities to react to crisis situations such as kidnaps, armed attacks, social unrest, in-extremis evacuations and medical emergencies. We provide the following services for crisis management

Security and HSE Trainings & Assessments

We are no strangers to Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) regulations. Increasingly, corporations are looking for an integrated approach to these issues to keep their compliance costs low, avoid potential litigation and even to protect their corporate image.

Our consultants have extensive experience of managing and leading HSSE teams for major corporations in the oil & gas, telecom & construction industries. We provide HSSE compliance & management services to ensure your organizations safety by implementing internationally renowned systems and procedures in an effective and transparent manner.

Interior, Architectural Design and MEP Services

We strongly believe in security by design elements and offer our customers an integrated approach to architectural and interior design services. We offer a complete range of computer-generated 3D design services including renovation and bespoke furniture, space analysis and planning. We offer

  • Schematic Designs
  • Design Developments
  • Construction Documents
  • Bidding Documents
  • Oversee Construction

Aviation Consulting

Aviation is fast becoming the backbone of professional organizations doing business in a highly competitive environment where every minute matters. In this ever changing industry, it is difficult to make the right choice at every step of the way, whether you’re procuring a new aircraft to add to your fleet or selecting a service firm for maintenance.

Cyber Security Assessments and Advisory

We provide cyber security and testing services for our clientele to ensure integrity of their data and systems.

We offer the following types of cyber security services

  • ISO 27001
  • Penetration Testing
  • White-box Testing
  • Black-box Testing

Psychological Training, Counciling and Assessments

Mental health has become a priority in most companies these days. Where security personnel are subjected to high levels of stress and anxiety, SPG offers psychological assessments, one on one counseling, group counseling sessions and mental health awareness talks for companies and their employees. Specifically, we offer psychotherapy in stress, anger and addiction management and assessments for various other mental and behavioral issues.

Conflict Resolution & Management

Internal disputes, departmental politics, contractual disagreements or inefficient policies are among the few factors which often lead to conflicts deep inside organizations and with their clients & partners. Having a major conflict arise at a crucial stage for your business can be a nerve wracking experience and timely resolution of these issues are vital to the continual progress of your organization.