Project Management

We have a team of seasoned engineers and project managers who can plan, prepare, design, implement/integrate, manage, support and audit increasingly complex projects keeping in view the client’s requirements, timelines and budgets.

In the current age where pace is utmost concern where mega projects are concerned, our team keeps all KPI’s in check while moving with an agile methodology in monitoring, executing and delivering desired output with excellence.

  • Project Design & Planning
  • Project Review & Recovery
  • Vendor Management
  • Data Center Consolidation

Fleet Management

When you have a large number of vehicles in your fleet, a systematic approach is required to keep them in a reliable and effective shape to reduce downtime and related costs. Whether you need secure warehousing for your vehicles or a sophisticated fleet management & tracking system, our team of experts can help you in protecting your investment and keeping your assets in excellent shape.

We offer customized fleet management solutions including realtime tracking, secure warehousing, procurement & sourcing, maintenance and delivery/handover assistance.

  • Realtime Tracking
  • Secure Warehousing
  • Procurement & Sourcing
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Delivery & Handover Assistance

Services Complementary to Security Services (Lifesupport)

We understand the elaborate needs of our client’s foreign teams visiting Pakistan requiring integrated logistics support including secure accommodation, food & beverage, static & mobile security, safe transportation & associated support services. Whether this accommodation is required in the metropolitan areas or in a remote field, we can deliver with outstanding success.

Our team of logicians & security experts have designed an effective & affordable model for providing complete life support services to our clients and to make sure that their day to day needs are catered for in the best possible manner.

  • Safe Accomodation
  • Secure Transport
  • Close Protection
  • Food & Beverage Management

Procurement & Sourcing

For corporations requiring state-of-the-art specialized equipment with specific features or functionality, it becomes difficult to sift through hundreds of possible manufacturers and decide whether it fits the bill or not. Apart from the workload involved, it is hard to communicate with overseas OEM’s where issues such as differences in language, working hours, business procedures and transactional laws can restrict you to from acquiring the information & sourcing the required product or equipment.

In such cases, our specialized team of Procurement & Sourcing utilizes our strong network with a footprint in over 14 countries to find the best possible deal for your firm and make the whole process easier & efficient for you.

  • OEM Liasoning
  • Specification Compliance Study
  • Proof of Concept Demonstrations
  • Overseas Risk & Insurance Analysis

Import Management and Advisory

Whether you wish to export clothing items for your fashion brand or import spares for heavy industries, the documentation & procedures required are cumbersome to say the least. With ever changing requirements and domain specific legislation, it is difficult to process the shipments and send them to their destination while meeting tight deadlines and budgets.

Our logistics specialists have teamed up with the best international shipping line consultants, airfreight companies and clearing agents to provide an end-to-end one solution to you under one roof.

  • Import/Export Consulting
  • Duties & Taxation Consulting
  • End-to-End Shipping