Close Protection

Our specialized, low profile teams comprise highly trained former Pakistani Special Forces professionals skilled in protecting high profile individuals, commercial clients and development staff who operate in high-threat or complex environments that are at risk of physical attack or be a potential hostage target.

  • Personal Security Detail and Mobile Escort

  • Threat and Risk Assessments

  • Route Planning and Clearance

  • Security Planning

Rapid Response Teams

Where we provide Mobile Security, which includes route planning and clearance along with Secure Transportation and Personal Security Details (PSD), which are a key area of our expertise. With highly trained PSD’s escorting our clients in high risk areas in a fleet of soft skinned vehicles equipped with tracking, radio and satellite communication systems we enable our operations centers continuously communicate and to track our client’s movements.

In event of an emergency, all our client movements are backed up by a vehicle cross over evacuation capability, Medivac cover and a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) to provide additional support from our operational hubs. We deploy different Mobile Security profiles as dictated by the prevailing threat assessments, intelligence picture, specific requirements of our clients whilst taking into account the task and the operating environment.

Static Guarding/Security

Spearhead security personnel support businesses by protecting their people and assets. We offer a range of services that are designed to prepare and provide secure work environments. Static security solutions are based on a layered security plan that encompasses fixed and roving posts, checkpoints, access control and technical security systems.

We analyze client vulnerabilities and follow up with recommendations ranging from installing security equipment and deploying security personnel to the development of information security programs. We also provide highly trained static security staff to deter, detect, and respond to hostile threats.

  • Travel Advisory

  • General Security Awareness Advisory

Off Site CCTV Monitoring

We provide secure oversight monitoring and maintenance of our customers surveillance systems. Additional oversight and monitoring of our customers surveillance systems at our operational hubs supplements ensures that we are not only able to service and maintain their systems without them having to call us but provide surveillance operator training so that they can better serve their organizational needs.

With our vast experience in surveillance monitoring we keep updating our programs based on a compilation of incidents (local and international) and introduce remedial techniques to circumvent any incident at our client facilities.

Secure Compartmentalized Information Facilities (SCIFs)

Drawing extensive experience from providing mission critical security services in some of the most volatile areas across Pakistan, we offer security measures that are designed to deny unauthorized access to facilities, resources and to protect personnel and property (preventing espionage, theft and attacks).

We design and build Electromagnetically shielded control and operations rooms

And where possible we implement Security by Design. Physical security measures provided by our team use multiple layers of independent and interdependent systems which include Radars, Lasers, EO/IR, CCTV surveillance, security guards, protective barriers, locks, access control protocols and many other techniques.